The Decenternet is designed to bring freedom and essential rights on the internet back into your hands. Whether you notice it or not, traditional internet systems depend heavily on centralized framework which possesses a big threat to our security, privacy and stability. Realize that decentralized internet infrastructure is an inevitable eventuality for advanced societies. The Decenternet's web 3.0 based Osiris Browser is ready now to guide you there.

Envision Web 3.0
Browser designed for Blockchain & dApp Operations

The Osiris Web 3.0 Browser is built to deliver functional Web 3.0 infrastructure today by utilizing blockchain technology.
It disrupts mass surveilance and deploys transparent reward systems. Major Osiris functionalities include:

  • Ad-block and web-tracker removal, to keep you safe
  • Faster web-browsing speed, to save your time and money
  • Anonymous Mode - Free, fast VPN activated under settings
  • Runs reward based blockchain apps on the ecosystems hassle free, right out of the box
  • Native cryptocurrency wallet

OSIRIS Multiwallet
Multi Crypto-Currency Wallet for Major Ecosystems

Hardened with high level security protocols, the OSIRIS Multi-Wallet allow users to safely integrate secure ERC-20 based tokens at a browser-level with web 3.0 applications.

Realize that there's no need to use multiple extension wallets that breach security which put your digital assets at risk.
The OSIRIS Multi-Wallet is designed to expand into other industry major ecosystems by providing native support for Tron, EOS and more in the future.

This will allow users to experience most popular dApps conveniently within the Decenternet ecosystem.

In Partnership with
dApp Total Marketplace focused on User Experience

The dAppstore is built to promote and drive mass adoption of dApps (blockchain applications). The dAppstore is integrated into the Osiris Browser as a functional reward-based marketplace.

Its architecture is designed to easily bridge the general public with blockchain applications providing non-hassle access to a wide diversity of consumer Apps, tight security, and attractive rewards. With its "one-click access", the dAppstore has everything you need to experience dApps from start to finish.